Apple Maiden, limited edition

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  • Apple Maiden, limited edition
  • Apple Maiden, limited edition
  • Apple Maiden, limited edition
  • Apple Maiden, limited edition
  • Apple Maiden, limited edition

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A woodland maiden collects apples for a love spell. She wears a crown of mint and twigs as her frost white hair cascades around her shimmering in the moonlight. Apples are present in mythology and folklore of almost every culture, ancient and modern, making them the most symbolism-laden of all fruits. They represent a microcosm of the world and, by association, wholeness and fertility. In addition, apples bring good health and are almost heart-shaped, exemplifying the womb, femininity, beauty, and furthering the idea of fertility. These associations have garnered apples the reputation as the “goddess fruit”, for they are sacred to many love goddesses such as Aphrodite (Greek), Venus (Roman), and Freya (Norse). Magically, apple are used in love spells and divination because they are thought to bring insight, knowledge, and illumination. Along with her basket of freshly picked apples, the maiden further imbues herself with magic through a crown of wild mint. A natural stimulant, Peppermint is used for healing, purification, and to excite the emotions of love and passion. Amongst the moonlit orchard the Apple Maiden casts her spell. She is in control of her emotions and calls towards her a love that fulfills earthly desires as well as those of her soul. A love that is pure yet passionate, embodying perfect wholeness.

The Apple Maiden is hand drawn and printed by Adrienne Rozzi. Screenprinted on archival "fawn" colored paper with 6 different ink colors. The apples shimmer greenish gold and her corset is a deep mauve with a slight greenish shimmer. Her hair is printed with a pearlescent white ink that subtly shimmers pink at different angles. 

Limited edition of 32. Each print comes signed and numbered by the artist. Measures 11" x 13.5"

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