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An accused witch swings trapped inside a rusty gibbet. Her eyes gleam with a wild ferocity as her mocking cackle echoes through the town streets. Condemned and left to rot, the hag indeed possess the cunning knowledge of which they accuse her and she knows revenge will be hers in the end. The crow’s cage sways in the wind, spreading the hag’s foul stench throughout the square and suspicion grows as the crows take no interest in pecking at the her withering flesh. She is at-one with nature and it is this connection that gives her the strength to endure her gibbeting. Unbeknownst to the hateful townsfolk, the loyal crows have bestowed upon her a mystical lifeline. They fly by night to bring her sustenance from the forest. Nuts, berries, mushrooms, and healing herbs provide her the nourishment to brave her torture and laugh in the faces of her enemies. The witch’s persecution is a burden she must bear alone, for it is a testament to her devotion. She has put her complete faith in the spirits of nature and they have answered her call with continued support.

At the core of this illustration is a metaphor for acceptance, and a message to put your faith in the universal karmic energies. The witch represents all those who call themselves “witch” and are subsequently looked at as dangerous outcasts bent on ill-intent. Hunted and burned, witches have been misunderstood and wrongfully accused of malice for millennia by god-fearing townsfolk and theologians. This injustice is symbolized by the iron bars of the crow’s cage. The witch’s face reveals the true nature of her suffering and her resolute choice to turn her torture into self sacrifice. Crazed is an ode to all those who have died for the name of witchcraft and to those who have lived to keep folk practices alive. Presently, the term “witch” is more illuminated than ever and redefined with awareness of the witch’s benevolent, healing origins. As popular forms of religion are becoming archaic and inapplicable to the times, individuals are suspending their judgement and embracing the true nature of the witch, in all her forms. After thousands of years weathering the storm, it is the enlightened ones who will have the last laugh.

Crazed is an original illustration, hand drawn and screenprinted by artist Adrienne Rozzi as part of her 2016 "13 Sketches of Halloween" series. Printed on archival "fawn" colored paper. Each print comes signed by the artist.

Measures 7" x 14.5"

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