Solaris screen print

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  • Solaris screen print
  • Solaris screen print
  • Solaris screen print
  • Solaris screen print

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 The sun is the heart of our solar system, giving life to all things on our planet. For this reason it has been worshiped since the dawn of civilization as a steadfast symbol of life, optimism, success, and radiance. The sun also represents the self and that which is active in the conscious mind such as will, determination, strength, and the creative force. Embodying the transformative powers of fire, solar energy is active and purifies the human spirit by burning away all that is negative and heavy. In the study of Alchemy the sun corresponds to gold, the purest element, exemplifying the pinnacle of perfection. This can be applied in a spiritual sense to mean pure enlightenment, the divine spark of man, and incorruptibility, all characteristics that are inherent in the sun and it’s energy.

Solaris is original artwork drawn and printed by hand by artist Adrienne Rozzi. Screenprinted with black archival ink on tan archival Stonehenge paper. Signed by the artist.

Measures 11" x 11" (inches)

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