The Cornucopia

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  • The Cornucopia
  • The Cornucopia
  • The Cornucopia
  • The Cornucopia

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A Cornucopia overflows with gifts from the Autumn harvest. Placed upon the altar of a woodland witch, the horn of plenty spills pumpkins, poison apples, woody belladonna, and mugwort amongst the implements of the witch’s spell work. Three candles bathe the scene in a golden glow as incense, potions, a goblet, grimoire, and athame await their magical purpose. The witch uses these tools to enchant the forest land with abundant crops. Once harvested she uses the crops to make potions both healing and harmful and imbue her athame, or ceremonial dagger, with the power of the mother goddess. Her serpent familiar slithers through the harvest as a symbol of cosmic energy and the ongoing cycle of death and resurrection.’

The Cornucopia is original artwork, hand drawn and printed by artist Adrienne Rozzi. Printed with black ink on "fawn" colored archival paper. Measures 11.5" x 15" and comes signed by the artist.

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